MGM Cotai (Mar-2018)

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Supplied Equipment: Atterotech unBT2A x 37pcs + AKG PZL11-LL x 62pcs MGM COTAI, the latest addition to the MGM portfolio in China, is a US$3.4 billion integrated resort which redefines the way people experience art and entertainment through seamlessly integrated technology. As a well-known casino always have a strict and rigorous procedures for choosing gears for AV system. Due to onsite situation challenge, Atterotech unBT2A is the best choice among all professional market picks by the enduser, with the great …

Macau Studio City (Mar-2014)

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Supplied Equipment: Speakers: Soundtube CM42-EZs-II x1078pieces, CM62-EZs-II x334pieces, CM890i-White x74pieces, SM890i-WX x77 pieces, SM890i x5pieces,CM52-BGM x36 pieces,CM31-EZ x9 pieces, XT550 x157pieces; Quad Industrial QPM-1 x4 pieces; DPS: Symetrix Radius 12×8 x36 pieces, EDGE x8 pieces, 4-Ch Analog In Card x4 pieces, 4-Ch Digital Out Card x27 pieces,xIn 12 x9 pieces, xOut 12 x22 pieces, ARC2e x37 pieces, ARC-PSe x5 pieces, ARC-SW4e x2 pieces; Amplifiers: Lab Gruppen C 10:4X x28 pieces, C 10:8X x1 piece, C 5:4X x26 pieces, C 20:8X …

Macau Colegio de St. Rosa De Lima (SC) (Sep-2015)

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Supplied Equipment: Professional Microphone: AKG D7S,WMS4500 HC577 Set, HT4500+D7 WL1, APS4 x3pieces, HM1000, CK47, GN155 Set, CK49, C516 ML, B23 L, CGN99C/L, SRA2B/W, D5S,Groove Pack, AKG WMS420 Vocal Set; Speakers: AD Systems TouringLine Compact x12pieces, TLC-B Touringline Compact Flyable Sub x1 piece, i.Flex8 x2pieces, i.Flex10 x4pcs; Fulcrum Acoustic FX896 x4 pieces, DX896 x2pieces; Quad Industrial QPM-1; Australian Monitor TXG30 x54pieces DPS: Symetrix Radius 12×8 EX, xOut12, ARC2e; Amplifier: Stewart CVA50MX-1-100V x27 pieces; ,Lab Gruppen FP 10000Q x2pieces, LM26 x1 piece, …

Macau Escola Keang Peng (Feb-2016)

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Supplied Equipment: Speakers: Soundtube SM400i x46pieces, CM400i x6pieces, CM42-EZs-II x8pcs, SM31-EZ-T x2pieces; Fulcrum Acoustic GX1295 x2,RX699 x2, FA15ac x4,TS215ac x1,FX896 x4pcs, FA28ac x2pcs; Australian Monitor Voice Line 8, CS420; Quad Industrial QPM-1; Intercom: Axxent AX-2075 x5pieces, AX-4120TS x1piece, AX-4240TX x1piece, AX-2120TS x1piece, Professional Microphone: AKG WMS4500 D5 Set x22 sets, WMS470 PRES Set x2 pieces WMS40 Minix2 Mix Set, , GN155 M Set, P170 x3 piecse, C519 x2 pieces, C568B x4 pieces, Stage Pack D5 x1, CGN99C/L x3pcs, Groove Pack …

Hong Kong Unversity- May Hall (Jun-2015)

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Supplied Equipment: DSP: Symetrix Solus 8 Speakers: Soudntube CM62-EZs-II x27pcs; Professional Microphone: WMS470 Sets x8 sets,APS4, RA4000 B/W, ZAPD21; Power Conditioner: SurgeX SEQ1213i; Amplifier: Australian Monitor AMIS120 ;

EFCC Yan Fook Church Jun-2016

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Supplied Equipment: DSP: Symetrix Prism 8×8, ARC-PSe, ARC2e, ARC-PSe, RC-3; Amplifier: Powersoft Ottocanali 1204 Panel: AtteroTech unD3IO x16pcs, unDIO2x2 x1piece, unDNEMO x1piece; Power Conditioner: SurgeX SEQ1213i, SX1213RTi;