April 11, 2018News, Projects, Properties

MGM Cotai (Mar-2018)

Supplied Equipment: Atterotech unBT2A x 37pcs + AKG PZL11-LL x 62pcs MGM COTAI, the latest addition to the MGM portfolio in China, is a US$3.4 billion integrated resort which redefines the way people experience art and entertainment thro...

May 1, 2017Projects, Properties

Macau Studio City (Mar-2014)

Supplied Equipment: Speakers: Soundtube CM42-EZs-II x1078pieces, CM62-EZs-II x334pieces, CM890i-White x74pieces, SM890i-WX x77 pieces, SM890i x5pieces,CM52-BGM x36 pieces,CM31-EZ x9 pieces, XT550 x157pieces; Quad Industrial QPM-1 x4 piec...

May 1, 2017Educational, Projects

Macau Instituto Salesiano (Jun-2015)

Supplied Equipment: AKG Professional Microphones: WMS470 Set x8sets, SRA2B/Wx2,APS4 x2 Symetrix DSP: Solus 8 x1pc; A&H Console: QU-24 & GLD-AR0804; Lab Gruppen Amplifier: C 16:4...

May 1, 2017Educational, Projects

Macau Colegio de St. Rosa De Lima (SC) (Sep-2015)

Supplied Equipment: Professional Microphone: AKG D7S,WMS4500 HC577 Set, HT4500+D7 WL1, APS4 x3pieces, HM1000, CK47, GN155 Set, CK49, C516 ML, B23 L, CGN99C/L, SRA2B/W, D5S,Groove Pack, AKG WMS420 Vocal Set; Speakers: AD Systems TouringLi...

May 1, 2017Educational, Projects

Macau Escola Keang Peng (Feb-2016)

Supplied Equipment: Speakers: Soundtube SM400i x46pieces, CM400i x6pieces, CM42-EZs-II x8pcs, SM31-EZ-T x2pieces; Fulcrum Acoustic GX1295 x2,RX699 x2, FA15ac x4,TS215ac x1,FX896 x4pcs, FA28ac x2pcs; Australian Monitor Voice Line 8, CS420; Q...